Clinical analysis

PCR Test

Information to perform a Test PCR

CENTRE MÈDIC POBLENOU is a health facility licensed by the Department of Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia, with the authorization number, E-08012366.


In our facility, located in the Poblenou neighbourhood of Barcelona, we have two boxes-specific and with all the technology necessary to execute a Test PCR.


Meeting form up-to-date with current regulations regarding the security measures, it is essential to request an appointment for the realization of Test PCR and go to the center with a mask and without an escort. 

When do you conduct a Test PCR?

Will vary in function of the force with which it will ask for the certificate, and taking into account the maximum times to obtain the same.



Please consult previously with the applicant for the certificate, to be able to determine with certainty how much notice you need to perform the Test by PCR.



The Test results of the PCR will receive by e-mail and can be downloaded in PDF from the web page of the laboratory in a period of between 16 and 24 hours of submitting it*.



In the Centre Mèdic Poblenou, in addition, we provide our users with the EXPRESS service, to get the result of the Test PCR in approximately 12/16 hours*.



The certificate that is obtained is fully approved for travel and available in Spanish and in English.


*Occasionally these times may vary due to causes beyond the control of the medical center.

What do I need to make a Test PCR?


Request an appointment through the different available channels: 



At the time of the appointment we will wait for the information needed to perform the Test by PCR.


Go to the day of the appointment, a little before the agreed time, with a mask and without an escort.

Schedules for Test PCR

Opening hours Monday – Friday

08:50 – 18:15h

Schedule Saturday

8:50 – 13:15h

Prices for Test PCR

Request your appointment here for your Test PCR

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Patient Concerns & Complaints

We are dedicated to providing quality health care to patients of all faiths and backgrounds. If you have a concern regarding the care received, we encourage you to report it to your attending physician, or you may contact our Patient Relations Department. 


One of our contact agents will make sure to record your concern and address it properly. Eleven we have investigated internally your case, we will contact you back for information and further agreements.