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Information for renewing a driver's license.

Welcome to the Centre Mèdic Poblenouhere you will find all the information you need to renew your driving licence. It will not take you more than two minutes to read this page, and always you have a direct link to contact us and get solve any question that you have been.

You can do this both by phone and by sending a message by WhatsApp.

CENTRE MEDICAL PRACTITIONER WHO ASSISTED IN POBLENOU it is a Centre for Recognition of Conductors (CRC), authorized by the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya, authorization number, E-08012366, and by the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), authorization number B-0095, to make and issue certificates of psychophysical aptitude to renew the different driving licences.


Además, estamos habilitados y autorizados por la DGT para efectuar la renovación del carnet de conducir. Desde 2006 ya no es necesario acudir a las oficinas de la DGT de La Campana o de Sabadell para renovar el permiso de conducir. Este proceso lo realizamos desde nuestro centro médico de forma completamente automatizada. Durante todo este proceso utilizamos protocolos de seguridad informática para que tus datos estén siempre seguros.

generalitatHealth centre: E-08012366
transitMedical center: B-0095

When do I renew a driver's license?

DGT provides that the licence has to be renewed during the 3 months prior to the expiry date of your permit in force. The fact that you renew before the expiration date, does not imply that we “lose” those days of validity that have anticipated the renewal.

For example, if your permit expires on April 01, 2021 and you come to our center on the 28th day of February, 2021, the next renewal of your driving license will also be a day 01 of April. Not “lost” days to renew prior to the expiration date.

  • I have the permission expired, can I renew it?
    Yes, the permit can be renewed even if it is expired. You do not have any additional cost. In addition, if you're driving with the permission expired you can get to be punished with a fine of up to€200.
  • What is”lost” the driving license if it is not renewed after a period of time?
    Nothe driving license is not “lost.” It may be months, years, or the time that is, that the driving license is not lost. You can renew and return to drive legally.
  • If I go to the offices of the DGT in The Hood, do I get a driving licence at the time?
    No. Permission is manufactured in Madrid, in the Manufactures of the National Currency and stamp. Once manufactured is delivered to the Post office and sent to your home address by regular mail.

What hours does the medical center?

What do I need to renew my driver's license?

  • Request appointment. Contact us and ask for an appointment to renew a driver's license.
  • Go the day of the appointment to our medical center, which is located in the Poblenou district of the city of Barcelona, in c\ Llull 175, Major 2nd, on the corner of Rambla Poblenou.
    • Our location is perfectly connected by Metro, by Bus, by bike, train and, if you're coming by car, there are several car parks nearby.
  • Bring your ID card, or a CARD or passport and driving license that you have to renew.
  • It is NOT necessary to bring any photo. Photography we do with our digital camera.
  • We will make the medical review is mandatory to be able to renew the license. The medical examination psychophysical has a duration of approximately 20 minutes.
  • We will process in the electronic headquarters of the DGT the renewal of your driving license.
  • We will give you a provisional authorization to continue driving since that time and until you receive in your home, your driving license renewed.
  • All of this quickly, easily and professional.

How do I schedule an appointment?


93 485 41 77


608 99 85 39


608 99 85 39


How much does it cost to renew a driver's license?

The prices vary depending on the age, the type of permit that has been renewed and the rates that should be applied in each person.

The price of the fee for the renewal of permits to age 70 years old is between 40€ and 60€. This fee is exempt from the payment of fees to the DGT.

The price of the fee for the renewal of permits professionals under the age of 70 years it is between a minimum of 45€ and a maximum of 70€, with fees included.

The price of the fee for the renewal of permits non-professional to under 70 years of age it is between a minimum of 50€ and a maximum of 80€ fees included.

If you want to know exactly what is the price of your renewal, please contact us. You will be required to provide us your DNI or NIE number, date of birth, and the permission that you have to renew.




Without limitation temporary

Temporary limitation 4 years

Time constraint 3 years

Time constraint 2 years

Temporal limitation of 1 year







*Rates are set by the Ministry of the Interior. People with 70 or more years are exempt from payment of the fees of the DGT. Current rate from 5 July 2018.
How, when and where will I get my drivers license renewed?

Once the DGT has validated your medical record, and the payment of the fee, if applicable, submit your data to the National Factory of Coin and Timbre (FNMT). There is, which makes the driving licence. The own MINT sent to your home address by regular mail, the driving permit.


The usual time is between 2 and 6 weeks, to be counted from the day in which you came to our medical center.

The driving license is already renovated so you will receive it in the address you specify.


Since the shipment is made by ordinary mail, and to prevent problems, we recommend that you make sure that in the mailbox of your registered address containing your name and surname. It is not the first nor will be the last driver's licence that the postman will not deposited in the mailbox if the recipient is not completely identified in the mailbox. 

Have been past 8 weeks and I have not received the driver's license, what should I do?

After 8 weeks since you came here to perform the medical examination at our center, if you have not yet received the driver's license, deberás get in touch with us to communicate the situation. We will handle your issue with the DGT and we'll keep you informed up to the resolution of the same. This complaint tends to take a week to resolve an issue of a new temporary authorization for you to continue driving for three more months. In that period the DGT used to answer the permission we can pick up in their offices (and we take care of it), or reports that are sent to make a new document of licence. In this second case, it is not sent to the person concerned, but we deliver it to us to make delivery to us of your driving license renewed.

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