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Medical certificate to obtain a driver's license.

CENTRE MEDICAL PRACTITIONER WHO ASSISTED IN POBLENOU it is a Centre for Recognition of Conductors (CRC), authorized by the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya, authorization number, E-08012366, and by the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), authorization number B-0095, to make and issue certificates of psychophysical aptitude to renew the different driving licences.
generalitatHealth centre: E-08012366
transitMedical center: B-0095
We performed medical examinations psychophysical and issue the corresponding medical certificate official to obtain the following permits and licenses:
  • Permission to drive cars (permit B)
  • Permission to drive motorcycles and mopeds (license AM, A, A1, and A2)
  •  Permission to drive trucks (permission C1 and C) and trailers (C1+E and C+E)
  • Permission to drive buses (permission D) and trailers (D+E)

Also we issued the medical report, in order to take the exam of the course BTP.

How to get an official medical certificate for obtaining a driving license?

Make an appointment in our exclusive service of medical certificates. We stock an extensive schedule of care. When you come you'll have to bring your ID card / passport/NIE, in force. In, approximately, 20 minutes, and you'll do the exploration in the medical and psychological. At the end, we will give you the medical report is necessary for you to attach to your record. All of this quickly, easily and professional.

What times is the exclusive service of medical certificates?

Prices of the certificates and the obtaining of permits and licenses

What do I need to get my driver's license?

  • The DNI, NIE or passport.
  • If the DNI, NIE or passport is expired you can do the medical examination. In the case of DNI or NIE expired you need to renew it in order to avoid problems with your record in the DGT.
  • It is not necessary that you bring no photography. The photography of the medical report has to be digital and you will make us free of charge.
  • If you wear glasses and/or hearing aid, we recommend that you bring them in though it is not strictly necessary.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Uses the channel that you will be more comfortable thanks to the unique line that Centre Mèdic Poblenou puts at your service for obtaining a medical certificate for obtaining permits and licenses.


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608 99 85 39


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